2017 Spring Freshman Baseball Team

Must be signed up by Wednesday March 1, 2017

Player Commitment

  • You will attend every practice and THE PLAYER will communicate with Coach Roberts if there are issues with practices and games.
  • You will attend every game, even if you are not in the lineup that day.
  • You will be a great teammate
  • You sign a player agreement
  • You will pay the fees
  • You understand the Fr. League with Utah Perfect Game we will put the best team on the field and try and win the league, playing time will not be equal, no 8th Graders allowed to play in these games.
  • The extra non league games will be for development and opportunities for all players, including those that play more in the league games.  We will do our best to give opportunity to all depending on how we evaluate the players during practice, 8th graders are allowed to play.


  • Freshman League Utah Perfect Game (9th Grade only) – League starts March 15ish, Includes Tournament in St George April 1,2, travel on your own.
  • Freshman Non League Games, Starts around March when weather breaks
  • Indoor/Outdoor Practices and Training Jan – May  2016
  • Final schedule will be announced around March 10
  • Games run from March until Middle of May
  • Plan is to play 5 games a week with two DH days, then schedule practices around game schedule


  • Every player will be required to order a player uniform package – one fee for the whole package
  • We purchased the uniforms at the best price we could find
  • We will use the Skyridge log and brand
  • Extras for parents can be purchased for a very minimal cost after the uniforms are complete.

Player Fees

  • League Fees – $135 for Utah Perfect Game / Extra Games / St George April 1, 2
  • Uniform Fee – $198 Position Player $170 Pitcher (No Helmet)
    • Includes – Belt, Black Stirrup, Orange Stirrup, 2 Sanitary, Gray Pants, White Pants, Two Uni Tops, Two Under shirts, Hat, 3/4 Sleeve, Helmet, Dozen Baseballs for the team
  • Practice Facilities – $90 Indoor/Outdoor Through May
  • Spring Training – $60 (not mandatory, if enough interest will have two teams in the tourney, spring training format of practice)

Additional Players

  • If you choose to not play and want do not want to play, the practices are still open to all those that want to attend.
  • If you do not pay the fees then you will not get any playing time.
  • Please feel free to communicate any concerns to Coach Roberts.